Internal Saboteurs

My mind coach introduced me to a new concept last week: Positive Intelligence.

It is a concept (and quiz) that helps you identify which internal voices are holding you back.

You see we all have internal voices.

The loudest in this model is called The Judge. And assisting the judge are other saboteurs such as victim, hyper-achiever, controller etc.

For a full list of your saboteurs and to work out who is dominating your thoughts, go to this page.

I have found the quiz and reading about the saboteurs very enlightening.

So these are the demons holding me back, the default traits that used to help when I was a child but now stunt my growth as an adult.

Discovering these saboteurs is enabling me to understand my internal dialogue, why I have responded the way I have but now, how to shed their weight, their uselessness and move on.

I feel quite relieved now I have a name for the traits.

And I feel more powerful that I have a plan to banish them when they rear their ugly heads.

 The Icing on the Cake

This is a presentation by Shirzad, the owner of the intellectual property of Positive Intelligence.

Watch it all the way to the end, it is worth it. Sam x