Don't Vote for the Sausage on Australian Election Day.

It’s election day in Australia today and after the gobsmacking results of UK leaving the EU last week, and Trump still in contention for president, who knows what is in store for us laid back, “do I have to vote” Aussies?!

Politics in Australia is a bit murkie. There really isn’t much between the two leading parties, supposedly left and right. For me the shame is the fact that they can form a coalition with minorities. So for someone like me who is very close to nature… it is a tricky vote.

I do however, strongly advocate, NOT VOTING FOR THE SAUSAGE.

Apparently the biggest news about this election is the fact there are 6000 election stands with Sausage Sizzles!

Some how the Aussie Snag BBQ popping up EVERYWHERE has become a national icon or symbol of charity. STOP NOW.

What is going on there?!

Here is my rant and rave…and 3 reasons why…


  1. Sausages are listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a class 1 carcinogen. The same as asbestos and tabacoo. You wouldn’t give them to your kids would you? Why a sausage?They cause cancer, in particular pancreatic and bowel cancer
  2. The bread they are served in is white, nutrition depleted sugar bread
  3. The sauce is revolting, 50% sugar, preservatives and offers nothing to your body.

All in all, the sausage needs to be banned not from the election booths but from the menu full stop!

BOYCOTT THE SAUSAGE this election day

BOYCOTT THE SAUSAGE this election day

The only sausage I will support is an organic, paleo, gluten free, GREEN sausage (sorry being cheeky). Not the mystery bag rubbish served at Election Booths, Dan Murphy’s, Bunnings and other “fundraising” set ups!

Exert your health vote today and don’t vote for the sausage.

This is a sausage served to me in HOSPITAL 2 years ago after an operation… Seriously – how is that hospital, healing food?!