Art Classes in Ubud

Since a child I can recall art, drawing and painting. Maybe it had been due in part to having a grandma who is an artist, or maybe it’s because I find it nourishes me. Either way I love art and the knack it has of allowing one to relax and get totally lost in the moment.

It’s a chance for one’s inner child to play.

So recently when I held my Nourishment Retreat in Ubud, an art class was an obvious activity.

Ubud is a very ” arty” place and there’s no shortage of artist teaching classes.

There was no need to fret though, as I knew I would be guided to the best teacher, and so I was.

Nyoman is a local artist and has a great vision to one day have a cafe where people can go and pick up some paints and have a puddle on the canvas.

On this day I took a group for some fun on the canvas. Some were a little trepid and worried that they would be doing it wrong. But soon realised that there was no “wrong” and everything was fun.

Nyoman is a wonderful teacher and gently encourages your inner child to play.  He picks you up from your hotel and drops you back. To contact him directly send him an email here.

My finished fish art piece

When you arrive you can chose what style of painting you would like to do. He has batik drawing out the back and next time I will be doing batik for something different.

We all chose a different style and easily and effortless Nyoman helped us bring our tiny vision to reality.

All our art pieces could be hung on a wall and it’s not often when you do something so pleasurable and get to take a memory and souvenir with you.

Thanks Nyoman! If you are interested in coming to Ubud with me, check out here for my next retreat.