Surfing Batu Balong Beach Bali

I am eagerly waiting to return to Bali this weekend where I can surf, eat organic food and catch up with friends.

Bali has become a second home of sorts, with me traveling there 9-10 times in the past 3 years.

Bali had never been high on my travel bucket list but after doing a food documentary pilot for a TV show in Ubud, I fell in love.

The people are spiritually sound and grateful. Very caring and gentle despite the harrassment that sometimes occurs on  the more popular beaches and tourist stretches of Kuta and Seminyak.

I like to stay in Canggu. It is the beach area further around from Seminyak and was the old surfie part but like most of Bali has been a little over run by hipsters and families.

If you ask anyone where Old Man’s Pub is you will find Batu Balong.

The place is very laid back. Sports a little temple, which commands a big crowd on Sunday with worshipping from the local Balinese.

I like going surfing here. It is a reef so can get gnarlly on low tide. Actually the beach is quite steep so getting out of the surf can be precarious.

There are a couple of surf board hire places in the car park and both are friendly establishments. You can leave your valuables in a basket and the guys will look after them.  Boards cost $5 for 1-2 hours.. no one really runs a clock. You can organise a coach easily enough, on the spot  – usually $35 which includes board hire.

Regardless of whether you have surfed before or not, Batu Balong is a great place to catch some waves. If you have surfed a bit you might find it a bit crowded but for novices it is easy!