Mona Art Gallery Hobart

Situated up the Derwent River, a twenty minute drive from the CBD of Hobart, is MONA (Museum of Old and New Art).

It has only been opened since 2010 but I make sure I go there every visit.

There is a solid collection of regular exhibits (the building has actually been built around several) and it also hosts roaming exhibitions and festivals througout the year.

This time we caught the Mona ferry from Brooke Street Pier.

It is camouflaged catamaran so you may not see it when you are down at the docks. Book on line or rock up and try your luck.

The ferry has two options – sheep class or posh pit. I highly recommend the Posh Pit. For a little extra you get delicious canapes and Tasmania wines.

It’s a perfect way to settle your body with your upcoming fears about Mona (you will hear all sorts of stories about Mona – all good – but it does have adult themes)!

Up at Mona – you can be guided around by the free audio system given to you on arrival. It’s called the “ O” . I would recommend using this as you need… some of the pieces are”out there” but they ALL have a story!

Some of my favorite exhibits (and I don’t want to steal the galleries thunder) are:


Simulation of a live gut… it has feeding times throughout the day! Fascinating.

The Fat Car

This is one of my son’s favourite pieces and one of mine too. I’m not sure why but it makes me giggle!

The spraying waterfall when you arrive is amazing! And almost hypnotises me

The Mummy

This is one of my favourite exhibits in the whole world. A big rap I know but it is a serene, ecclectic experience and worth the line-up. It will take approximately 30-60 minutes to experience it but well worth the wait.

The fantastic pieces are one called Cunts (yes… I struggled typing that) but a wondering sculpture displaying 78 different molded ones.. excellent for women. It gives one a sense of liberation. They are ALL different.

The music room is fascinating and fun.

The strobe light, relics from Hiroshima and Egyptian relics are all incredible.

The privately owned gallery has an amazing bar under ground to enhance your experience. OR upstairs their is the choice of 3 eateries.

There is a simple elegant cafe…a great wine bar/cafe and a more up market restaurant.

Today we shared a platter at the …… restaurant with a bottle of pinot noir, then headed for a wine tasting upstairs at …….. DO IT!!! 

A jazz band was jamming on the main stage, kids were running around laughing and chooks being well.. chooks.

There is something for everyone here. I love it and will continue to viist and applaud (and thank) David Walsh for his insights and philanthropy. Generous soul!