Bachelor to "Jack-ass"in one foul sweep

How can I not comment on the Aussie Saga going on at the moment about boy meeting girl, boy proposing to girl (in front of the nation) and then boy ditching girl…… you guessed it, slim dog Blake Garvey from the Bachelor.

As someone poignantly put:

Blake Garvey has p**#@ -off a few people and the nations tongues are wagging?

From a girls perspective, Blake seemingly bought to the home screen all the attributes that we want to be alive and well in Aussie blokes.

Self professed entrepreneur, (says he is a real estate agent – turns to be a pimp strip daddy), soft smooth voice, great body BUT proposes to a chick while his heart is with someone else. Suddenly we listen to his voice again and it sounds a little creepy, a little slimmy and we all sing out BS.

Well, I am sure Blake doesn’t need my added criticism. He is probably a nice guy. But just a little confused, a little misguided (by his never never regions) and lacks solid values. The values that all of us gals desire – honesty, truth, solidarity, commitment, support and well just try being a man!

Blake, unfortunately, while trying to be every Aussie girls dream man/hero has turned out sadly, to be like most… a liar, a player or as Sam Foster so elegantly put “Jack ass!” (Maybe Wayne Carey can offer you some hiding tips )