Healthy Coca-cola? I don’t think so.

Is Coke is going green and healthy?


I heard today that Coca-Cola (aka coke) has launched it’s new “low-calorie alternative” to full strength coke in a green tin or label.

Instead of 35g of sugar in a 330ml can of Coke the newer low cal version has 22g of sugar. 
Just in case you can’t picture that, I have measured it out below.


I think it’s another case of misleading labelling and this is why.

WHO have recommended that the average adult only consumes 6 teaspoons (25g ) of sugar a day and one can of the new COKE LIFT nearly exceeds that.

With Diabetes soaring through the roof and affecting more people than ever before, surely a WARNING would be more appropriate and no association to it being a “healthy green alternative.”

That is a lot of sugar to put in your body in one hit…. especially a child’s body.