BACK DOWN ill-informed media

The Global Financial Crisis used to sell papers, now it is health terror!

I think it’s disgusting.

I have read two articles in the last week that have reached mass audiences BUT are incorrect and misleading. And for once, instead of interviewing ONLY pro-vaccine doctors, how about interviewing some other “tertiary trained”people.

I am going to get these vaccine-related reporting issues off my chest.

1. Don’t attack people for their opinions and right to obstain

2. Don’t state there is “no evidence” when clearly there is

3. Use multiple balanced professionals for commentary not just pro-vaccine doctors all the time

4. Research your own facts journalists (TGA, FDA, CDC, Lancet, British Med Journal, and the own drug companie’s data are all mainstream entities)


Here are a couple of articles I have seen in the last 12 months that make me miffed!

The first was about a front page article in my local paper today (small town of 600,000 people).

It is about the “low rates”of nurses who are vaccinated against flu and how this is causing deaths in patients.


How on earth has the journalist got this article to print?

The inside article says that 2 patients contracted flu while in hospital last year and died. And of course nurses are the only “outsiders” in-patients are exposed to. They do all the cleaning, Xrays, hold stethescopes, deliver food etc… You get my drift. Nurses are NOT the only people and vectors of viruses in hospitals.


If I was the Nurses Union I would be outraged at this comment stating nurses “are happy to catch the flu to get time off    work”  (they quoted one nurse had said this to a doctor last year but have brushed ALL nurses with this attitude).

Actually the whole article is an attack on nurses!

The flu vaccine is always contentious. It doesn’t guard against all flus and some of the nations smartest, most revered immunologists have differing opinions about it’s benefits. It played NO role with swine, nor bird flu prevention.

I think this “vaccine will protect me”attitude ignores the fact that the best way to “avoid flus” is firstly protection from flu (wash hands, use tissues not hankies, avoid people when they are sick in the first few days) and isolation when you come down with aches and pains (bed rest, soups, sleep).


On this article and attack, I would suggest that ALL nurses should have their vitamin D levels checked, especially night duty staff, their zinc levels done and work out how strong their immune systems are. These “negligent” nurses are in the front line of multiple diseases every day! Why don’t we protect them naturally?

And if you want to watch a twenty minute show on tamiflu, the “äntidote” for flu, ABC catalyst did a great story here last month.

The second article I want to draw attention to is this article on SBS conversation published yesterday on the NO JAB, NO PAY policy recently passed by Australia Government this week.

The article is here.

“.. A small but significant minority of parents have come to believe, in all sincerity (and no-one doubts that they have the best interests of their children at heart) that immunisation is dangerous, and certainly riskier than the risks associated with not having their kids vaccinated. Even although there is no solid evidence to support that belief, and plenty of evidence to support the benefits of immunisation, some parents are so anxious that they will put their own children, and more importantly, other people’s children, at heightened risk of exposure to a preventable disease which could cause disability and even death.

All I can say to these journalists is stick to writing facts (there is evidence) and don’t fear monger!

I can help with the “solid evidence” you can’t find – and guess what – they are medical professors!

Try Prof Shoenfeld from Israel who has a 500 bed auto-immune hospital in his care. He has your evidence that vaccines definitely express disease in some people. But maybe this great professor and his 1600 MEDICAL published papers and 25 authored books aren’t evidence enough….

Try Prof Garth Nicolson from California and is recognised as the world leader in Gulf War disease and it’s high chronic fatigue rates due to army personnel being used as vaccine guinea pigs! He states that the FDA has approved infection by mycoplasma to be up to 6% in vaccines. Now there is a leading headline! We are actively, knowingly injected our virgin babies with mycoplasma! That is crazy.

Or try Prof Jeff Bland a US medical professor and wholistic doctor. A fountain of information and can give both sides to the story. Sorry Mr Journalist, I don’t how you possibly think you are giving accurate, informative commentary. I think it is health fearing and should be illegal!

BTW I thought there was a medical caveat that “needles” inserted into skin was banned from Australian media and display??





The third article that upset me last year was the Gardisil article.

A mother had specifically signed off that her child was NOT to be vaccinated. But the school went ahead anyway ignoring her request.

I wrote this blog on the outrage and this was about the vaccine in question, gardisil.

After I posted my gardisil blog I had a very nasty email from a medical doctor saying I was negligent and that women would die due to not being vaccinated. I took it down for a while but now I have posted it up again – all I did was take 8 hours out of my life, to research and comment on published data on gardisil as I really wanted to assess if it was safe or not.

So in summary, as per normal, underpinning most Australian policy and public acceptance of policy is our media.

When are journalists going to be more accountable and stop health fearing?

Why are we such a pro-vaccine country? Try reporting two sides.

And I have not mentioned yet that I am actually pro some vaccines (Hep A, Sabin and some others) but NOT all.