Heart Disease #1 Killer in Women


It’s time to remind women about heart disease. Still the number one killer in women.

Heart disease in Australia is still the number #1 killer despite advancing medical interventions.

This is across both sexes but typically people associated the disease with men. Before menopause (typically 45-50 years old) women are protected with estrogen receptor sites. After menopause women’s heart disease catches up with men and by the age of 60, both sexes have equal risk.


Female heart attack and disease present differently to men, being more subtle.

Men typically experience rapid, central crushing chest pain when women may only experience armpit, arm or throat pain. (If in any doubt dial an ambulance).

Diet, lifestyle and exercise play a major role in decreasing heart attack risk and heart events.

Early intervention, motivation to change are paramount for women to start helping themselves when it comes to heart disease and saves lives.

One simple change to a person’s diet or lifestyle can decrease someone’s risk of heart attack (CHD) by 12-25%.

Mother’s Day is the perfect day of the year to raise heart attack awareness in women and to motivate women to be around for their children.

Nutritionist and coronary care nurse, Sam Beau Patrick, has been assisting men and women better understand heart disease and health for over 32 years.

Trained in heart health at Cabrini Hospital Melbourne, and university studies at Deakin University, Sam has made it her mission to save one person through inspiring health through nutritional and lifestyle advice.

“Understanding the simple steps one can make to lower hypertension (high blood pressure), hypercholesteremia (high cholesterol), stress and lifestyle no doubt saves lives. I want to inspire that change before it is too late”, says Sam from her base on the Gold Cost.

There are a variety of factors that drive up cardiovascular disease and heart attack risk. These are simple strategies that help people make the changes.

  1. High blood pressure – check salt on labels (aim to keep sodium to under 1200mg per day)

Reduce packaged foods (gravies, sauces, chips, dips, pizzas, salamis all have added salt). MSG is a type of salt and goes by the E number of 621.

  1. Quit smoking – Make this a priority. Try hypnotherapy, patches, increasing dopamine (check out my website for more tips on this), hypnosis and quit campaigns.
  2. Reduce cholesterol – reducing cortisol (stress) reduces cholesterol, substitute high saturated oils for plant oils.  meditation will increase beneficial cholesterol HDL. Avoid saturated fats in cheese, fat trims off meat and lard. Evidence shows that coconut oil might not be good in heart disease.
  3. Stress reduction – mindfulness (asking yourself how stressed you feel and WHY?), meditation and using a free ap like Headspace, enjoying life, taking up a fun activity.
  4. Exercise – find an excuse to exercise – a fun group, walk on the beach, take the dog for 2 walks a day!

For more information and harnessing your health before it is too late consider these options:

  1. Make an appointment with me admin@sambeaupatrick.com to discuss your health.
  2. Read my latest book on stress “Chill Out of Burn Out
  3. Order a stress hormone saliva test via this link (includes a 30 minute consultation with Sam).