Embracing the Feminine You

As I make last minute preparations for Gwinganna Retreat where I am to present this weekend I am reflecting on just how special my life and fortunes are!  Here I am going to one of the best retreats in Australia and probably the world, and I am the guest speaker. Honoured, flattered and very very excited!

As I ponder over what to wear, how much writing to take (I am hoping to write a few blogs; (“I didn’t mean to say that” as a title, corporate female syndrome, super foods and coffee benefits), prepare my radio show for next week, prepare show for ABC next week, present and finish an edit an article for a magazine. It’s all exciting but sometimes I wonder if it’s too much. I mean, I am going to a health and lifestyle retreat. And there’s a little something calming just by saying the word retreat…. part of me would like to retreat to the retreat! Do my presentations and simply do very little else but relax and chat with the guests and get to know some very cool people.

I know its already going to be a special weekend even before it starts.