PCOS part 1 – what is it?

What is  PCO or PCOS?

Poly cystic ovaries (PCO) or poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a medically diagnosed condition in women (ONLY). Diagnosis (and agreement on it has taken years) is made when a woman has a high androgen (testosterone state) on blood testing  and  cysts on her ovaries.

Unfortunately I think this diagnosis (and medicine has grappled with correct criteria) is a bit misleading. For example, women with testosterone and may have other symptoms but not the cysts and are told they don’t have PCO.

I think a slight adjustment in the name (and diagnosis) would serve us all better.

I think it should be called Female Hormone Disorder (FHD) with either a testosterone dominance or estrogen dominance or both.

So a woman with high testosterone but normal oestrogen would be diagnosed with FHD testosterone dominant.





The key features for PCO are:

  • high testosterone
  • sometimes no periods
  • belly fat
  • problems losing fat
  • acne
  • oily skin, oily hair
  • cysts on ovaries
  • unwanted facial hair or excessive body hair
  • thinned out or widows peak
  • anger, aggression, irritability


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