Green is the new Pink

Protect yourself from breast cancer

For years I have been encouraging proactive health rather than people reacting to illness. Green vegetables is the way to protect yourself from many of life's diseases especially reproductive cancers
Green is the new pink - Sam Beau Patrick 2012

For years I have been teaching people the power of running towards better health rather than crawling away from fear & disease.

Since the turn of the century the very influential "pink ribbon" campaign has appeared on foods, on lapels as a ribbon and as a main source of fundraising.

Whilst the essence of the pink ribbon evolved in 1990s in the USA as a way to raise awareness for breast cancer many believe it is now a way to profit off an illness and line pockets of investors and people invested in breast cancer illness (ie medical researchers).

I looked into the "pink ribbon" marketing company a few years ago and was surprised from a food perspective that, like the heart foundation tick, it was just a marketing label.

There is no correlation to a products "healthiness" and preventing breast cancer. In fact in many instances quite the opposite.

I remember one campaign that a large bakery chain which used the pink ribbon label for its promotion of pink sticky buns. The chemicals in the food really should have made it a food labeled with warnings. Many of the chemicals listed were associated with causing cancer, yet here it was being used to lure people into thinking the product was not only safe, but doing good for a potentially death causing disease.

In order to use the pink ribbon you only have to commit 5% of profits to a charity. I had troubles finding this figure again but if you read this article about fund distributions and this article about "pink washing" you can see why I have healthy skepticism. This article is long but also interesting.

I am all for raising awareness of breast cancer, the signs to look for BUT I believe the preventative side needs as much air play.

Women need to know that most breast cancers are due to high estrogen , low progesterone, and other elements such as:

Low Vitamin D status

Low antioxidants


Toxic exposure

Alcohol consumption


All of these causative agents are preventable and manageable by the person.

True genetic liability accounts for a small percentage of breast cancer cases.

If a woman has a strong genetic predisposition (ie first degree relative with breast cancer) then it is more prudent to manage all of the above.


Simple, natural steps such as

Keeping estrogen levels normal, measure them on saliva test, eat green leafy vegetables, use your bowels daily

Keep progesterone levels stable, meditate, exercise, relax

Get sun exposure if you are not a melanoma risk, consume vitamin D rich foods (cod liver oil, alfalfa, yolks) or take a supplement

Enroll in a quit smoking course, try hypnotherapy or just stop!

Eat a diet high in phyto estrogens, nutrients that will resemble a rainbow most days, as well as grow your own, shop at organic markets and eat hormone free meats

Use clean house hold products, avoid toxic exposure (including implants, medical devices), stop smoking, avoid chemicals in foods (all the E numbers), wear natural fabrics

Exercise to manage your weight, reduce stress and improve your mental state

Change your eating or see a nutritionist to give you an eating plan.


I am very passionate about seeing you live a healthy life.

Please don't be lured into distractions and false promises - vaccines, fund raisers may give you short term relief (psychologically) as you may feel like you are doing something positive.

THE REALITY is... unless you eat better, manage the risk factors above and take positive steps every day towards better health, you have no strategy and you may be at risk.

If you would like more resources I can offer you:

  1. A Saliva hormone test and mini consultation (Australian residents only)
  2. Private sessions (please contact Alex my VA on to arrange a short chat with me to see if I can assist you and book an appointment time)
  3. OR enroll in my 8 week life transformational program which has 8 weeks of eating plans, all the recipes for them, weekly short videos explaining how to have a healthy body through thoughts, movement and food, the Happy Female Formulae, and copies of my books.

The BEST message I want to get out to the world, is that GREEN is the new PINK!

This is a saying I have invented and love it. It says it all. Please spread the world and love green!

The advice in this blog is general in nature and I encourage you to seek out a professional one on one consultation before making changes to your lifestyle. No liability accepted.