Diets – what works and what screws your brain and body up part 4 Ashy Bines

Today I want to discuss the head state one needs to undertake any “diet” and why I seriously don’t think you should start unless you have that bit nailed first. Then I will talk about Ashy Bines 12 bikini challenge.

You  may have heard the story about the two axe men. They were given a tree and 8 hours to cut through it. The first one seeing how huge the task was started straight away chopping and cutting. The other guy started to sharpen his axe. As midday hit the first guy who had been chopping was half way through, he was tired but heartened that he had at least made head way where the other guy still hadn’t started and was still sharpening his axe!

Grappling with fatigue, sore muscles and a blunted axe the first guy took a rest at 4pm. With one hour to go he still had a fair bit to chop to complete the task. The second axeman who hadn’t made one mark in the wood started his home stretch efforts. Off he went to chop his tree and completed the task effortlessly and enjoyably by the designated time.

The story demonstrates that a sharp plan with thought and calculation will win time and time again above panic and desperation.

I’m not very good at telling these little metaphors but you get the gist – have a fool proof, stick to your plan, keep your vision around you (images, sounds, sights) and you will succeed. Jump in without thought, planning and preparation and you are likely to fail.

The same goes for anything in life but in particular dieting. I really don’t think diets fail but people fail to execute the diet.

So what are the important things to get right before you start on a diet? I have listed them here and if you can tick every single one then GO FOR IT!

  • Do you want a healthier body
  • Are you prepared to give up your favourite things?
  • Are you prepared to exercise in the rain
  • Are you going to cook and prepare healthy meals and snacks day in day out for at least 2 months
  • Do you have support so when you hit a tough spot someone will help bounce you back on track
  • Do you have the equipment and set up necessary to do this?

If you an answer yes to all of these things then you are ready. If you are unsure, ambivalent, over whelmed with the above don’t worry you are simply not ready yet. It’s better to acknowledge that then start and stop. Ask your self “what do I need to do to make sure …” whatever you answered no to above.


There will be times when you feel alone and isolated… YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON YOUR OUTCOMES and in my experience it takes 6 weeks to start seeing results in your physical shape. Mentally you will feel better sooner. So stick to the plan and long haul.

As you can see “dieting” takes so much will power – this is why I teach people to love life and their bodies and then dieting isn’t necessary – you just make better food choices. But let’s assume for now you are still in “diet-mentality”, will Ashy Bines’ 12 week challenge be your 3 months to success. I hope so. Let’s check it out…

Ashy Bines 12 week bikini challenge

Ashy Bines is one hell of a marketer and her website is great. She offers 3 tiered diet/exercise plans and I like the way she doesn’t call it a diet. It’s not, its a challenge and if anything the emphasis is on the exercise part. I like it for that reason.

As I have talked about in previous posts, its not really relevant the “meal plans” that go with the program. I can write them, you can pick up a trashy mag for a diet, its about the offerings, the presentation and the support.

When you go to Ashy’s site she states that she wants to help 25-40 year old women in South East Queensland, Australia. She is not offering to cure the world.


* Good clean website – this is for 25-40 yo women

* excellent support program which is what makes this program so successful

* Funky, appealing and doesn’t appear hard work

* the bikini is a great measuring stick. It makes us honest, no hiding, all bared and the pictures are inspirin


* 12 week challenge – some might still think after 3 months they can resume old habits

* Ashy is a model not a nutritionist but she does make that clear

* The outcome is still to wear a bikini and this might turn some of you off.

Overall I think there is good strategy and great marketing with this diet/challenge. I really like the presentation – it’s girly and fun. I give it a Health Queen Ranking of 5/10. 6/10 if you just want a challenge but not looking for a lifestyle to follow.

ADDIT:  21st Sept

Since writing this post I have received quite a few people saying it is NOT a healthy eating plan, it is not good for young girls and a range of other critisms. I was contacted by Ashy as soon as my blog went live.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I don’t believe in “diets”nor 12 weeks challenges. I prefer to educate/empower people to understand foods and what they do in your body. That way you never feel like you are dieting.

My biggest issue is the fact that I am told by regulatory bodies that as a registered naturopath that I can NOT say that I  can treat diabetics, I am not allowed to say I can CURE people and I am HEAVILY REGULATED to say the least. BUT if I wanted to be a mum, a bikini model, a PT who has done a 9 week course,  work out or present a diet as a non-professional and put an amazing marketing team behind me, no one can stop me. It doesn’t make sense.

Find a professional who can assist you find friendly foods for you, can inspire you to love foods not fear them and exercise every day.

PS this is not a comment about some of the amazing PTs that I refer to or work with but the law in Australia is that only registered Dieticians and Nutritionist are legally allowed to discuss diets. Obviously it’s not regulated.