Could juicing be harmful to you health?

There are a couple of really good food trends at the moment; raw foods, coconut oil, paleo and juicing.

While all four offer some amazing health benefits, like most things, they are not the panacea for all.

Today I wanted to blog on juicing and 3 reasons they can have a negative effect on your health.

1. Juicing removes fibre

By juicing the fruit/vegetables you are squishing out the vitamins, minerals and water from the “solid” part – the fibre.

Fibre is the husky part of fruit/vegetables your body doesn’t break it down or digest it.

That means it has the capacity to draw in water which leads to nicely formed soft faeces. We need fibre every day.

People who juice all the time miss this valuable fibre.


  2. Raw kale, spinach in juices can switch off your thyroid. 

These foods brassicas (also including cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and mustard greens) have an enzyme in them that is destroyed when cooked, but eaten raw switches off your thyroid cells. Not just in the gland but peripherally (all over your body).

An underactive, may lead to weight gain, low moods and a range of other things. Of course some people will be fine with raw brassicas but others won’t be.


3. Chewing is important for digestion

Chewing is an important step in the digestive process. It helps activate Hcl in the tummy, other enzymes and messengers and moves wax through our ears! With no chewing this things don’t happen





In summary juicing can be a fantastic way to heal the gut , get more nutrients into your body and overall contribute to your health and well being.

A juice in the morning is great but also eat meats (or vegetable proteins),  vegetables, fruit, grains (for some), nuts, seeds and oils for an overall balance.

And beware that juicing fruit is a big whammo of sugar (fructose) – vegetables have less sugar.