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How to balance your blood sugar so you can lose weight – part 3

Glycaemic Index

The degree to which insulin rises when assisting with glucose shuttling is called the Glycaemic Index (GI) of a carbohydrate. It is measured against glucose which has a rating of 100. All carbohydrates will have a GI listing and are rated out of 100.

Always aim to eat lower GI foods but remember any carb is best eaten with proteins.

High GI   Moderate GI   Low GI
glucose 100 Orange juice 57 apple 36
Baked potato 85 White rice 56 pear 36
cornflakes 84 popcorn 55 Skim milk 32
cheerios 74 corn 55 Green beans 30
crackers 74 Brown rice 55 lentils 29
honey 73 Sweet potato 54 Kidney beans 27
watermelon 72 Banana (ripe) 50 grapefruit 25
White bread 70 orange 43 barley 25
Table sugar 65 Apple juice 41
raisins 64



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