Menopause and weight loss

Losing weight during menopause can feel impossible!

How would I know?

I have been helping women for 13 years in my hormone clinic tackle this seemingly impossible task and really it takes finesse, dedication and a person to guide you with knowledge and experience.

Menopause FAT is not the same male fat, nor a younger persons fat. It is stubborn, wretched and hard to lose.

The reasons for this are many but is usually a combination of metabolism slowing down and hormones clogging up.

Metabolism slowing up?

Why does this happen?

You metabolism is a combination of things – thyroid health, a fully functional detoxifying liver and a bowel that works at least daily. Many women have problems with their metabolism due to one of these systems slowing down.

Taking a supplement is like treating the tip of the ice berg and when I see women on metabolism boosters I flinch. It really can be counter productive. I believe (and see it work better) women need to “top-up”and “nourish” themselves throughout this time. That means don’t push yourself harder, instead nurture your body and assist it to improve.

Increasing your metabolism can occur a few ways. Through foods, supplements, increasing water and increasing gentle restorative exercise (eg yoga, walking, pilates).

Hormones Clogging Up?

What does this mean?

Typically it is thought that women under produce hormones during menopause. And while this can happen, especially with progesterone, they may or may not under produce estrogen. It is estrogen that is assumed to drop during menopause but in many western women actually increases.

The increase in estrogen can lead to weight gain and an inability to lose weight. Losing weight will only occur when estrogen is cleared from the body. This is done with foods, clean foods and increasing the liver and gut detoxifying pathways.

I have tried to make the whole process easier by compiling 8 weeks of eating plans, with accompanying recipes, handy you tube clips on health, my two books for menopause and men, and the Happy Female Formulae.

Many women have followed the eating plans and have been amazed how easy and successful it it. Michelle and Helen are just two.

If you would like to know more about your hormones, I have this hormone test you can do from home and includes a consultation, or if you would like to read more about my 8 week program the information is here.