Bali re-minder

Well in town less than 24 hours and still battling the internal “so much to do, so little time” voice versus the very zen, I actually like you more voice, ” I surrender, life is very good, just chill out and let things take care of themselves voice”

Funny, not many talk about it as I am sure many of us fear being locked up! But having internal conversations, debates and “hearing voices” are actually normal.

So before you lock me up, let me explain. 

We all have an internal running commentary. 

It’s kind of like one’s voice of reason debating with one’s voice of passion/fun/carpe diem and true self.

The debate occurs when ones values (more on that latter) – the things you believe to be “right and feel good ” are in contest with the things that someone told you once upon a time to be “naughty, too expensive or why would you?”.

I have just finished my internal silly debate about ” work, find out more for my retreats”, versus “just relax, regroup, reconnect and relax”.

I am SO GLAD the second one won!

One really needs to work out what makes one happy FIRST.

Then one needs to find the courage to stand behind making oneself happy.


Say no to everything else, thank-you, no-thanks, I am on a winning path, called PLEASING MYSELF FIRST.

I love Bali, there is ALOT to do and see and feel. But laying it out in order sometimes isn’t our problem. Sometimes Bali takes US. I am surrendering knowing that regardless the next few days here will be incredible, life changing and FUN!

I am now off to see a volcano, eat lunch on a lake, and catch up with friend in Ubud later tonight. Wasn’t that hard after all….