Be the Woman You Were Born to BE

Have you ever stopped and marvelled how the role of women in Australia has changed over the last 40 years?

I remember doing sociology at Uni when I was 22yo and back then the discussion was around how women had just earned the right to paid employment and entering the work force, often to the downcast eyes of the older generation.

The first stream of women in the work force were as extensions of household roles: nurses and teachers. Then with time, women finding their footing, started pursing male dominated arenas such as the forces, engineering, medicine and even space.

Fast forward 20 years and woman are now anchored in the work force with many establishments now opting to have policies to increase women at the top.

Woman are holding positions of power and having a stay at home dads (or husband) doesn’t raise eyebrows any more.

Can all of these role changes occurred in such a small space in time without backlash?

I don’t think so.

In fact, in my health clinic I find many women (and some guys) are grappling with the change of focus and divergence of female roles.

Working full time, part time or even casual,  can take a toll on women.

Many are still doing the household chores, cooking, cleaning and attending to the “kids or males needs” before her own.

Many women lose themselves and almost become autopilot just to make it to the weekend, to then try to catch up only return to the chaos on Monday.

This has a massive impact on hormones and happiness.

I will explain the pit falls further at this amazing event and two other inspiring women will be showing you how to relax and find balance.

These are the details:

Sunday 15th June 2014

1-5pm. Essence of Living

3/52 Peerless Ave, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

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Find out how you can be true to yourself, how you can be YOU!

Find out how you can be the woman you were meant to be.