Bluesfest Byron Bay

The Byron Bay Blues Festival

AKA Bluesfest

It’s my “many-ieth” time to the Blues Festival experiencing the eclectic line up of blues and rhythm artists from around the world.

In the past I have seen James Brown, Elle King, The National and many amazing artists.

This year is also special but I have time on my hands and it is a whole different ball game.

With a 5 day pass and VIP pass you can really relax and not race from tent to tent trying to squeeze in as many artists as possible.

I’ve decided to camp – which is great. You meet fellow festival goers and can make new friendships quickly. The thing I really like about camping is the ability to bubble out from the festival madness and have reprieve.

The thing I don’t like about camping at the festival is that the days can start early if a baby is crying and the nights can go long if people decide to start a mini party. Both of which happened on the same night on my stay.

The toilet facilities are basic at Blues and it really makes you value the luxuries of a home shower.

The staff are really friendly at the festival although beaurocracy seems to have gone a bit mad with multiple people involved with the process to “manage” people to find a camp site. None of which is needed at other festivals.

Beer, wine and water ran out by early afternoon on Sunday which left a lot of people disgruntle this festival. I couldn’t understand why water had run out and how that could occur in 2018!

Skye Edwards fronting Morcheeba

Alas fortunately for Blues Fest this year, the artists got the festival over the line. Seal, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crowe, Rag Man, and Bones, Morcheeba, Prince’s back up band, John Butler Trio and more… made for another sensational year.

One day is fine, 2 days better and VIP a must.

You can grab tickets here.