Grass Roots UP in Brunswick Heads

This place is so inspiring!

A day trip to Brunswick Heads is always light relief, reconnection and inspiration!

I have been traveling to, staying and pausing in Brunswick Heads for years. It seems to have been gracefully, healthily stuck in the 80s with its town feel and community.

It’s here that I love going to the local primary school marveling at their awesome garden. To me, it is the best way to infuse health and nature into children’s lives. They seem to have an inherent love for nature and exploring and well, mud and dirt really makes their funky clothes look even cuttier!

Brunswick Heads primary school

These pics are from this school garden

Grass Roots UP!

Why am I such a huge foodie and garden lover for children?

Edible gardens that involves little fingers, small shoes and open minds – make sense! Sense in every single way.

Sense in that we can teach children the value of our solar system and weather patterns. Why the moon, rain and sun are critical elements for life and why we need to understand and protect nature bio and science- rhythms.

Food can teach children its beauty and power – how do you feel when you eat corn from your own garden? Can you taste its sweetness, does it pop in your mouth, does it make you feel good?! YES they will all say, and then you don’t have to explain why mass produced, genetically modified food tastes radically different. It’s because it isn’t food.

And running around in a garden, pulling weeds, digging holes, chasing worms, surely has to be the best way to exercise.

I have some great pictures of my kids from a few years back when I took them on a day trip to Summit Organics at the back of Tyalgum. It was the best day and my favorite memories was the “soil tour.” I remember Rod saying the soil usually sits around 37 degrees. And is a living organism and you can cook eggs in it on a hot day! My little brain exploded with ideas that day!

My children

Whether it’s in schools or homes, I love seeing children playing in gardens!