Critical Thinking

Writing in a time when goal posts of our society are changing rapidly and daily.

I believe many are hanging on for the unpleasant rollercoaster wondering when it will end.

From talking to various groups, feedback and observation I would say a happy and complacent 30% of society here and abroad think what is happening is real and just want life to move on.

There’s another 30% who I call critical thinkers. They are well researched, informed, have been looking after their health for years and make daily choices that keep themselves healthy. Exercise, eat gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, mindset, spirituality etc

Then there’s 40% in the middle who have made decisions based on job security, their greater commitments, or because they were made to. These 40% are becoming like the 30% of critical thinkers. They are starting to ask better questions.

I will write some of those questions soon.

In the meantime see what you can question and if you can find sound answers.

Ie where I am sitting now it is raining. That is a fact. I can see and feel it with my own eyes. I can hear it. I can touch it. It makes 100% sense. But I would have to questions someone sending me pics in the sun telling me it is raining. I would start looking for more evidence that what they were trying to con me with was true.

Let’s start using our critical thinking more.