How to stay lean over the Silly Season

Would you like a wine? Maybe a beer?

or maybe 6 FRUIT MINCE TARTS!!!

Before you know it the silly season can see one eating and drinking WAY in EXCESS than we need and than any other time of the year.

Why do we do it to ourselves?

I think it is part cultural, part not wanting to offend, lack of discipline and hey, it is the silly season and we all do it.

It’s a funny thing as I am sure people start to work out their New Year’s Resolution in lieu of the anticipated fat gain from the silly season. SILLY alright.

So let’s look at 3 ways you can avoid a Silly Season BULGE!

1. Start a detox.

This makes sense on so many levels. You can do a graduated detox over the silly season.

Not a Kym Khardasian one, nor a $19.95 to-good -to-be-true one, but rather a 6-8 week commit to healthy body mind and spirit. Committing to a detox means you can say “no”to things instantly and then decide if you want them (as apposed to reverse). It also means most of the time you will be good and 80% good at this time of year is much better than 80% naughty and indulgent.




A short clip about why you would detox…

Eat well, exercise well and detoxify your body. I have two options available on special (one DIY and one supervised).


2. Move your body daily!

I just started my 50 runs in 50 days as a lead up to Christmas. You might want to do 40 somethings… 30 somethings… the 12 days of Christmas somethings….

The somethings might be walking, running, surfing, going to the beach, having a detox smoothie, sex, climbing the local head land or mountain.

Try to include a form of exercise every day and this will pay HUGE dividends.


3. Protein + Carb

This is one of those golden food rules that will ensure you don’t get sugar swings (despite eating sugar) and will help keep your weight under control.

I consistently eat protein with carbohydrates and find it is a major reason I can control cravings and weight.

HOT TIP – don’t expect there to be loads of protein foods lying around over Christmas, take your own. If you are going to a party or gathering you can take:

–  Your own bag of walnuts (way better than pretzels)!

– Dry roast some almonds, or sunflower seeds.

– Bliss balls or rum balls with loads of almond meal

– Soy cheese cut up.

Open your friends up to new experiences and also help manage this vital secret to avoiding fat gain. .

So enjoy your FUN and silly season. Smile lots – this is a time for connection and telling people you love them.

Do the 3 things I have suggested and you will be able to be silly and NOT GAIN 3 kgs and of course share this blog with your friends so they too can stay LEAN over the Silly Season!