Diets – what works and what screws your brain and body up part 5 – Paleo

As I wax lyrically in Fed Square, Melbourne I reflect on the wonderfulness of food and the sensational food options we have in Australia (and other developed countries). I can buy 5 star food or eat junk. I have a choice. That is more than most of the world who struggle to find food, have to make it from a few meagre mouse infested grains, or have to eat contaminated foods.

*** I FEEL AMAZINGLY fortunate ***.

So what passion and “diet tip” would I like to talk about today?

I think the most suitable would be the power of being GRATEFUL for the food that we eat.

Now I know that this concept may sound very out there for some people and for others it will be something you do time to time and others will be doing it habitually.

As with everything baby steps forward…

In years gone by people have been forced to be grateful and had a sense of accomplishment, relief and gratitude due to scarcity of food. Now days though many of us take good food for granted.

Is it important to be grateful and acknowledge where our food comes from?  I believe so. Many religions have a “grace” or “thanking” of foods but you don’t need to be religious necessarily to get this concept.

I believe that if we acknowledge the person who grew our food, the food itself and then ourselves can be electrically charged. Truly ELECTRIC!

When we are grateful for food, it stops being something to just stretch and fill our guts. It becomes an untapped source of energy. And that is powerful information. Most clients and even myself periodically DESIRE more energy. And food is an untapped source of this for most people.

Let me explain.

Everything really is a bunch of atoms whizzing around in patterns, clusters or molecules. Some whiz at the speed of light and others are slower. Some absorb, some create and some reflect other whizzes of energy. We can tap into this energetic quagmire simply by becoming aware and in touch. That’s right, you can put your hand up and grab some of this.

We all accept that the sun beams down a light (or cluster of rays) which in turn make us change colour, make Vitamin D on our skin and help photosynthesis in plants. We can eat, absorb, drink and bath in this energy. And you guessed it, as soon as we do we feel ENERGISED!

Different food sources have different energy. Choose your energy source depending on how much you need…

Here is a food – energy guide 


Level How much energy do you want? What foods will give you that energy
1 Zero, want to subsidize with pharmaceuticals and drugs Take aways, packet foods, add water and stir foods, pre cooked meals
2 Enough to get by Supermarket veggies/food
3 Enough to play sport and look happy Market shopping, meats from a butcher
4 Enough to go all day at 110% and glow Organic markets or shopping, talk to the farmers growing your food
5 Enough to be SHOCKED yourself! Smile, bounce, play, enjoy and love. This is when nutrition becomes a value rather than a food choice! Grow your own organic vegetables and share with your friends and neighbours


Check out these organic tomatoes.. they look electrically charged!

As you can see, it is an evolution and once your reach level 5 you will be feeling very grateful for the energy, positive and connected. Connected to yourself and connected to Mother Nature.

If I am starting to sound a little bit “out there” for some of you , let’s look at the very popular Paleo Diet and REMEMBER TO BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR FOOD.


The Paleo Diet

Paleo is the return of diet to the Paleolithic era. This was when humans as a species were hunters and gatherers and is congruent with the Charles Darwin’s theory that we have evolved. That is our bodies (over hundreds of years) have adapted to changes in our surroundings.

The paleo times were the days when humans were still fairly primitive and lived in caves. I am not too sure if Adam and Eve were cave folk but it would help us all agree if they were. However people have very different opinions on this. And for some, that is where the paleo diet will cease to “do it for them”.

Paleo is the way our ancestors ate. He/she would eat periodically, mainly when hungry or if food was available (ie after a slaying of a beast).

The diet consisted mainly of leaves from herbs and trees, grazing and the occasional piece of meat. Certainly no grains (these were only introduced 12000 years ago), sugar and processed oils.

If you follow the blood group diet by Dr D’adamo then you will recognise that most O blood groups are paleo eaters.

Is it healthy?

I find in blood group O clients that it works exceptionally well.  A typical meal looks like meat, lots of vegetables and no grains. And obviously no baked goods, no bread, no rice, no pasta and little sugar. If you are a blood group O then this will suit you. You will be lean, feel energised and will find it will suit you LONG TERM as an eating lifestyle option.

I am unsure exactly why but it gets rated very low as a diet in the USA.

This is an extensive article on Paleo… and worth a read! 

Health Queen Rating:

I think if you are an o blood group this is a 10/10 diet. For other bloods groups 7-9/10.

 Remember to love food, select real food and food will love you in return