Why Dragging Tyres Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight!

Work harder!

Exercising more, dieting more, eating less, flogging yourself WILL often NOT lead to extra weight loss.

I cringe when I hear of people being told to “work harder”… “toughen up and push through pain” and all that Rocky baloney! If that is you, STOP NOW!! 

Rocky was a high testosterone boxer fighting for his life, his legacy, his soul.

If you are a young bloke who wants to fight in a ring then drag tyres, but for the rest of you read on.

Most of you are mums, working women, busy ladies, someone’s carer.

This “Rocky Balboa Approach” will not work for 90% of you.

And that’s not because you lack fight, passion and heart, its because boxing, dragging tyres and lifting weights is not going to balance your hormones and lead to weight loss.

Dragging tyres and lifting weights does not balance your hormones and lead to weight loss.

I suggest a mixture of “Up activities” and ” Down activities”.

If you are a personal trainer please embrace what I am saying and weave into your sessions that would be great.

Up Activities

These include activities like cycling, boxing, spin, martial arts, gym.

They are excellent for building muscle, good for blood sugar control and toning but not necessarily fat loss.

They should be done 3-4 times a week. Not every day and not the only thing people do for weight loss.

Down Activities

Up activities need to be balanced with down activities such as body balance, pilates, SUP, tai chi, yoga, walking.

I call the later “down activities” because your hormones balance down.

This is very important if you have high testosterone (PCO) , high cortisol (stress) , high insulin and high estrogen.

Balancing these hormones DOWN with low impact activities will lead to weight loss and more muscle.

You see, high testosterone, competes for insulin on the cells – which leads to weight gain.

High cortisol leads to higher circulating insulin and sugar release which leads to belly fat, and high estrogen leads to thigh and buttocks fat.

In order to balance these hormones YOU need to focus on:

  • lowering stress
  • improving your eating (clean and fresh)
  • lowering your brain activity

Up activities often lead to UP hormones.

Down activities lead to balance.

If you are not sure what your hormone status is, or are struggling to lose weight, take advantage of my hormone test and consult !

The saliva test will measure your testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and cortisol.

The collection of saliva is done in your home and posted to the accredited lab in Melbourne. Results take 2-3 weeks and once they are in, we set up a time to discuss them and how you can balance them. In my experience, any skin issue, weight loss problem, female and male reproductive issue has a hormone imbalance involved. Resolving this helps everything else and until taken care of, dieting and exercise can be a waste of time. Get on to it today click here to order test.

NB Hormone testing is best done via saliva and recommended by WHO