Endometriosis the natural way

Can endometriosis be managed naturally?

Endometriosis can be managed naturally with excellent results.

When I hear of women spending on average $33,000 with a doctor it seems excessive when most women who have sought out my advice spend around $2000-$3000 including their supplements. No surgery, no ongoing pain issues from adhesions just giving their body what it needs to heal.

So this advice is general in nature and is based on my 20+ years as a naturopath as well as now, a former nurse, of 35 years having helped hundreds of women with endometriosis (AKA endo).

Endometriosis in a nutshell is when the endometrial lining (the cells that line your uterus) migrate up your tubes and attach and grow on other body organs – such as your bowel, ovary, bladder, pelvic ligaments.

It can be extremely painful as the tissue responds to hormone changes in your body and will “shed” with your period creating free floating blood loss in your pelvic cavity.

It is inflamed tissues so that always hurts especially when it rubs against other organs/body parts.

What causes endometriosis?

The medical profession says they do not know. Whilst the scientific natural medicine based world offers many reasons.

For me and what I have observed it comes down to three things.

  1. A Hormone imbalance (usually high estrogen, often high cortisol)
  2. Food triggers (often dairy, gluten)
  3. High Stress levels (which may lead to high inflammation, high cortisol)

How can endometriosis be managed naturally?

Addressing the above is my approach and working with the woman to see the best and safest path forward. I use a combination of hormone management, nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

1. Test your hormones

Testing and measuring your hormones is imperative and well worth the investment.

The best way to do this is via a saliva test as it is most accurate.

In Australia is it not covered by medicare so most doctors don’t even consider this approach. In fact most doctors will likely suggest going on the pill (and hoping it magically goes away) or offering invasive surgery (laparoscopy and scrapping). Whilst surgery may remove the rogue tissue, it does not resolve the underlying issue. Surgery is well known to lead to adhesions (scar tissue) which can create more issues and pain down the track..

A saliva test will highlight the estrogen levels, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol levels.

You can order a test kit with a consultation discussing results here.

This is an example of a test result.

2. Food triggers

The most common one I find with clients is an intolerance to dairy. Given the amount of dairy women consume (and have been told to drink for calcium) it is not surprising. Coffees, cream, ice cream, sour cream and cheese.

Dairy, as other difficult to digest foods, cause inflammation and confusion at the gut wall.

You can order a hair test here to see if you have food indicators or nutrient issues.

3. Stress

This is a massive topic to unpack in a few sentences and requires time and trust to really assist the client. Doctors on average spend 13-24 min session with a patient. It takes 1-2 mins to write a script and doing the billing. It requires 2-5 minutes to take a history. But even that history is only “what are you here for?”

I spend a few sessions with clients so we can go over the cause, hormone results, hair test results and then start on the stress issue.

Helping someone manage stress, especially a woman, helps with work, relationships, fertility and so much more. This can not be done in a few minutes and giving someone a  chill pill is not addressing the issue.

My programs are all listed here.

At a minimum I would recommend the Core Health Program. This includes the saliva test, hair test and a 90 min session with me.

I also offer a three session and six session program with the testing.

The six session program offers more time to delve into stress and how it is impacting, from the unconscious space.

Please look at my shop and you can order from there. Or if you have other questions please reach out via contact bar.

This condition can be managed very successfully naturally and safely.

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