Estrogen is a sex hormone produced by both sexes.

It is essential for both experience wellbeing and feel good.

Many issues arise if not enough estrogen is produced and similarly, too much estrogen is not good either.


Estrogen Deficiency

When people don’t produced enough estrogen they may experience:

Anxiety and a feeling of unrest

Dry skin, or dry vagina

Flushes or flashes

Poor memory

Weak bones

Poor cardiac health

Estrogen Excess or Estrogen Dominance

When people are exposed to false estrogens (xenoestrogens), injest them (foods, oral contraceptive pill), have issues metabolising them (liver) or issues excreting it (gut), they may experience:

Weight gain, cellulite

Weight that won’t go

Flushes or flashes

Anxiety, depression or mood changes

Obsessive thoughts


Headaches, migraines


Heavy periods, PMS

Reproductive cancers, eg breast, cervical, endometrial, ovarian cancers

For Men : depression, weight gain, prostate issues, fertility issues

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