Hot Flushes Managed Naturally

HOT FLUSHES can be managed naturally!

Some times when women transition through menopause, they lack certain hormones.

This is because the transition is NOT seamless if the woman isn’t healthy, fit or hormonally balanced.

In fact some 80% of women going through menopause report horrible symptoms

The most common are flushes, insomnia and weight gain!



There is much you can do to help ease your body through this time….

Many naturally (food, herbs from your garden, exercise etc).


In this 3 minute clip I discuss ways that you can decrease your flushes… all naturally.


And if you need any help working out what your hormones are actually doing…

I recommend a saliva test (noted to be the most accurate way to measure hormones by WHO)

Then order it here.

Much love and stay cool!!!

Sam xx