Fear or anxiety?

Gardening this morning and it dawned on me that fear is actually what drives anxiety and stress.

Years ago when I was selling pharma antidepressants, a very good psychiatrist said they are only 2 feelings or states of being – the state of happiness or fear.

I have often thought his explanation for mental illnesses, depression, anxiety and really a massive area of health, coming down to two states was over-simplified.

Yet while gardening this morning a few jigsaw pieces fell into place.

Obviously if we are in flow, the state of being, the present moment, and nothing is getting in the way of being immensely happy – then there is no fear. In fact the exact opposite feelings are present – calm, confidence, happiness and joy.

So the “fear” of thoughts, actions etc put us into a state where we can’t feel happy, calm, confident and experience joy.

So running late, thinking some one will think less of us, thinking I am too this, too that, worried about money, he may not call me etc are all just fears. Just negative things we tell ourself may happen that deprives us from experiencing happiness and joy.

Fear also increases our stress hormones, adrenaline, cortisol, and testosterone. All of these hormones give us a sense of dis-ease such as panic, worry, fear and anxiety. Which make us feel down – not fun and not enjoyable at all.

Learning to control our fears therefore allows us to control our physical and emotional outcomes and ultimately experience happiness and joy.


Keep thinking and feeling positive vibes people!