Going out in Auckland

It’s a Friday night in Auckland and we are keen to head out.

We start at My Bar, a funky wine and beer bar tucked away, on Durham St South – a lane way off Queen Street. 

It is the perfect place for TGIF drinks, and you can order Japanese from next door which they will bring into the bar for you.

Next spot is a drinking hole along from Queen Street called Lord of the Fries. Beside the food/pub area is a cool standing drinking area. Heater lamps, smoking areas and nice tunes make for a great meet up place.

Then its on to some serious partying.

Dr Rudi is a roof top craft brewery and sporty fun meet up place.

There is an open area for smokers, over looking the super yachts. Pretty awesome views.

We stay here for a few drinks (and hours) as the vibe is good, the guy on the piano has the place dancing, and the DJ gets everyone grooving too. A fun friendly place. 

Downstairs is another popular drinking hole called Danny Doolans but we find it quite cramped and busy after Dr  Rudi’s but also sporting a great vibe.

The Soul Bar around the corner is good for the mature crowd wanting to bypass the 20something drunkards and offers great music, food and a dance floor.  It stays open quite late. 

On the way home we find ourselves in another Irish bar dancing away to 80s and 90s tunes called Father Ted’s. It is a fun bar that sees our night out. 

All of the bars offered music and a great dance floor. I am really looking forward to going back again soon!