Vini & Cucina Blasi

My favourite Cucina in Rome

Everyone needs a home away from home and I made mine at Vini & Cucina Blasi.

I stumbled across it the first night I was in town and Maurizio, the owner, is a gregarious and friendly soul. Greeting everyone, making them feel welcome, pouring their wines, he is the perfect host and his bar becomes like a home.

The pizzaria and bar is close to everything but very close to the Pantheon. You can sit back away from the hustle and bustle and watch life go by.

The staff are all wonderful and enjoy working for the boss.

Attentative and friendly there is a reason why many Roman’s have made this their drinking hole.

You can wander in and grab a pizza and vino, or eat a main meal.

The vines are amazing, especially the red, which is made by Maurizio’s friend. I found it wonderfully fruity and light, not bitter nor heavy. It was a little to easy to drink, but that’s ok, because you are with friends.

In fact, I started hearing the “Friends”  theme when I would walk to the cucina. Fun, times, good people and great wine!

Thanks guys, I look forward to seeing you all again when I come back to Roma.