Hop into Health – The Healthy Consumer in 2013

Inspired that things are changing and people are becoming more aware, especially as today is World Environment Day. 

Today on Hop into Health, I interview Amanda Parker, remedial masseuse, owner of The Shack in Nobby’s Beach and owner and creator of natural skin care range Probio.

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Today I wanted to tease out where consumers in Australia are at, what they are demanding in take aways and any other pearls that Amanda had to offer. Our conversation ebbed and flowed from taxes on health foods, chakras to childhood obesity.

Q: Tell us about your back ground.

A: I started off becoming a beautician and had a wonderful teacher who encouraged us to use high quality products and doing things the right way, not the fast way.

This has stayed with me for life. I am also a masseuse and own The Shack in Nobby’s with my husband Eddy.

Q: What things do you offer in the Shack and what changes have you seen in your time there?

A: We offer smoothies, juices and prepared meals, all inspired by super foods.

We have 3 great chefs and between the team we are creating well balanced meals. People are looking for alternatives. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing children coming in and asking for their favourite smoothie.

We offe quinoa sushi, tuna meals, soups, casseroles. All with high quality ingredients (e.g. the best coconut oil), herbs and intent.

We want people to come back for good food – because it makes them feel good!

** Sam edit: The Shack is my morning juice joint! The staff are fantastic: Chardy, Jada, Ronny and of course Eddy. It’s like chatting with nice friends before starting the day and reminds me of the local hub that you would typically find in a piazza in Europe. Pop in and say g’day to the guys.

Q: What are chakras?

A: Chakras are points of energy where the body can bring in new energy or it may get stuck. Chakras harness energy, colour vibration and are important for balance and optimal health.   There are 7 chakras and all relate to a different part of the body.

Q: How can people use chakras to heal themselves?

A: Let’s use an example: for the throat chakra, which is blue, you may find congestion leads to sore throats, thyroid issues, not being able to speak your truth. In order to free up this energy you can try singing, wearing anything blue and even eating blue things! I will blog more on chakras another time as it is a whole new understanding and philosophy.

Q: Regarding taxing take away foods and who should subsidise the collateral on hamburgers etc what are your thoughts?

Mine (Sam) are that rewards always are superior to punishment. I  believe we want to please so if you are renumerated (i.e. healthy take aways are subsidised) you are more likely to keep this positive behaviour going. I think that taxing junk foods (as proposed) will lead to negativity and is unlikely to change eating habits. Which is ultimately more desirable than just billing people in advance for their poor health. If there is to be a tax, I think it needs to be a support and renumeration to healthy food outlets. Just like health practitioners who are making a true difference (naturopaths and personal trainers, should be renumerated).

Amanda: frustration with big corporations that mass produce food, comprising people’s health for dollar and then have “children’s sick houses” so that they look like the good guys. It’s not very transparent and they definitely can afford to give more. (Ie subsidise a problem that they are ultimately creating- it’s about accountability).

Q: Tell us about your skin range.

A: My skin range is made mostly with organic products and is non toxic. The average person puts 750 toxins into their body every day. It’s important to give your body a break when you can. My skin care range is natural, mostly organic and toxic free. You can buy Probio here. And for the best take away in town head to the Shack in Nobby’s! 

Podcast here

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