PRESS RELEASE – The Use of Protein Powders is Over Rated!

This Wednesday on Hop Into Health, Local Naturopath and health promoter, Sam Beau Patrick, will interview Mark Robinson Dietician on Sports Supplements, protein powders and their use in fat loss.

One of the biggest growth industries in Australia is sports supplements foods and pill range. Many fat loss enhancers, hormone boosters, appetite suppressors, amino acids etc can be put into foods and drinks and bypass thorough TGA scrutiny as they are governed by different laws. In Australia sports supplements as foods are under the governing jurisdiction on the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.

How companies can use this to their advantage is to launch products as food and bypass the stricter Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which governs supplements and claims.

The other loop in the control over what goes into sports supplements is the place of manufacture. There is a clause that the product is governed to the legislation of the state or country, not place of sale. Many food and beverage companies use this clause to make foods and drink supplements off shore then import into the country. New Zealand is used by many companies as a place of manufacture due to different laws, then imported into Australia.

“Safety data is not there with many products..” says Sam Beau Patrick, naturopath and nutritionist.

“Last year I had a patient admitted to hospital for two nights for observation following psychotic episodes. She was  a personal trainer who developed high anxiety levels, bordering on psychosis which was due to a yellow colouring in a protein powder she had started to take. This was only apparent after I communicated with the USA based company and they said it had been linked to similar effects.”

Many protein powders contain fillers, chemicals and can bloat people, give them acne or stop their fat loss all together.

Sam believes the wide spread use of protein powders is over-kill. I don’t see people getting additional benefits by taking these powders and fat loss enhancers compared to eating a balanced healthy diet. What is key for fat loss is consistent regular exercise, eating lots of vegetables, less starches and not eating while stressed.

Sam will share more this week on her radio show and hear what Mark Robinson (dietician) has to say on the subject.

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