Hop into Health – Is there such a thing as mind over matter?

Mind Over Matter.

Peak performance.

Paving your most perfect life.

No doubt if you have been told this as a bit of a “toughen up princes”  you may not have fully understood its power. Is it as simple as conquering a fear with your mind first, then reaping the rewards? If that’s the case, surely we are under using the power of our minds to get what we desire.

I know personally when I invest time to reflect – sit, be and clear my head, I seem to have greater plans, better strategies that save me energy, money and heart ache. In fact the less I do, the more I get. Some call this meditating, but in my case it is probably more day dreaming. Visualising, feeling oneself in a different scenario, making a few plans and watching it unfold. Sometimes things don’t unfold and I realise that is because they have fallen off my radar as being important. Which is always important to reassess and keep things that we like supported and encouraged (not neglected).

This week on Hop into Health I interview Mark Edmondson from Edmondson Dynamics. I met Mark a few years ago at a motivational seminar. His words, tones and enthusiasm did inspire me. I had some mind coaching and at that point my biggest goal was to be on National TV. Within 6 weeks I was to be on National TV 3 times. I know Mark’s techniques get results, so if you are looking for a change or to find PEAK PERFORMANCE, listen to the podcast and contact Mark for more info.

Podcast here.

Q: What lead you into training people to their peak performance?

A: Mark: I grew up in a UK city and wasn’t really interested in school. I saw a rugby game between Australia and UK and decided then that I wanted to be a football star. I gave it ago and had a bit of talent and before I knew it was selected for various teams based on talent. /I developed a lot as a player and mind coaching and sports psychology was not used a lot. I played rugby for England for many years and my final year was with Australia’s Sydney based team, Roosters. Mark has been in sports development and peak performance for a few years now with special interest in UFC.

Q: Why do you think people fail to reach their potential?

A: Mark believes there are three sorts of people:

1. Doers (go out and do it)

This could be someone who is overweight and has a small vision to lose weight. They might join a gym, start to eat better but if they encounter challenges or obstacles they stop. The typical excuses are financials, time commitment, pain of training or they might hit a plateau.

These people give up, give in and are not consistent.

2. Stressors (stayers)

They work hard, get results and if they encounter a plateau they will get a break through but often the hard way. These people want quantity and are task orientated.

3. Masters/wise people

These are the champions. There people learn differently and ask high gain questions of themselves. They think very differently and act differently. These people ask themselves:

– what is the result that I am after (end outcome)?

– who can I learn off?

– what should I be doing now to obtain that results? How do I achieve this today?

These people find the best coach and go for their dreams in a planned manner.

Q: How should people tackle a problem or start designing their most perfect day?

A: Mark – most get stuck on the problem.

Many spend 95% of their focus and effort looking at the problem. And only 5% on the solution. Shift the focus to 95% on the solution and suddenly you are motivated. A solution (s) help create clarity and calm and then you can move forward.

Q: Why do people fail to become masters even if they want it?

A: Mark – Many people lack consistency and ask the wrong questions. You need to stick to the plan day in day out and be consistent.

Questions need to be useful not negative. Ask “did i get the result I wanted” and “what do I need to do in order to get it again, or what do I need to do to change so I will obtain my goals”.

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