Hop into Health – Can you heal yourself with thoughts?

Today on Hop into Health I interviewed Kate Filmer, author of the Healing Path and we talked about the reality of whether you can heal yourself with intent and thoughts.

Podcast of the show (skip the first 15 seconds).

A few years back average folk were introduced to the movie The Secret. The Secret was a window into the science called quantum physics and was a commercially produced doco-style movie showing people how you can harness your thoughts and vibration. What does all this mean?

This is my take on Quantum Physics, the laws of attraction and how we can use it.

We are taught at schools that we have 5 senses: taste, smell, touch, auditory and visual. What is not explained but is felt by all of us, is our “gut feeling”. This is a powerful SENSE that can and should guide our decision making more. It’s about reading vibration and energy levels.

Gut feelings or intuition are our inbuilt gauge whether the activity, the thought, the feelings, the direction, the decision (whatever it is) that we are making at the point in time is in alignment with our beliefs and values.

Go against your intuition, your gut feeling and very often a negative response will occur. Go with the decision that “feels right” and watch your life blossom.

Our values are very personal and are constructed over our lives through experiences, people, learnings and teachers. We all have our own set of values and they are neither right nor wrong compared to some one else’s. In fact it is best not to compare values. And when you understand what your values are (i.e. what matters most to you as a living being) they will guide you to the true path that you should be taking.

Going against your gut feeling, or against your own values (to appease someone else’s values) will leave you feeling empty, ripped off, resentful, negative and feeling like a victim.

Identifying your values and even labelling your beliefs, enables you to understand others better, let go quicker and conflict manage a lot better too.

People are either moving from pain (which is a strong motivator, but can lose potency as a driving force when the pain resolves) or they are moving towards happiness.

I find that many people come to the Health Queen Clinic in pain, or running from pain/hurt. It is a great motivator (e.g. I want to lose weight, I need to lose weight – I feel tired, have low self worth and am developing health complaints). I can work with people in pain because I throw them a rope or opportunity to change that dynamic. But the person needs to ultimately make the change.

At some point people will resolve their pain, and it is at this point that I try to transition people to run towards happiness.

I think running towards happiness is the ultimate mind frame to have and will stop the “I am in pain, I am a victim, I have no control about my external life” to ” I have control over my destiny especially if I do x and y.

An example discussed with Kate was fat loss.

Rather than starve yourself to be thin, why not nourish yourself to be healthy.

It’s a slightly different paradigm that will lead to greater and more sustainable results.

Today’s show was about how you can use positive thought, reflection and harness your internal powers to heal yourself.

General Discussion:

Q: How can people heal themselves

A: typically when people are suffering a “hurt” or “pain” whether it be physical or emotional, they look for external fix-ups. What we can utilise though is something much stronger – our inner thoughts, guides and belief.

Typical external fix-up things are medications, alcohol, TV, zoning out, attending health appointments (but waiting for them to fix us), doing exercise and wondering why they don’t achieve what they want.

The external changes that we crave really need to start within and with a shift in how we think and feel.

Q: Why do people fail to get what they want?

A: Many people think something will fix them without tapping in first to themselves. A classic example is money. People believe that money will make them happier and change their lives. If they really are struggling to make ends meet then they do need more money but many people find the money and still are unhappy and have “poor thoughts”.

What we need to do is identify how we wish to feel. Step into that space and see if it feels like a good relaxed fit.

Q: How do you know if something will suit you?

A: If you have two options (or more), sit back, reflect, meditate and immerse yourself in the feelings of getting that option. Imagine you have it and how does it feel. Does it feel great, awesome, easy, relaxed, or does it give you angst, stress, doubt and insecurity. This is your intuitive powers guiding you to make a sound decision that will fit your beliefs and values. And Kate’s big tip is: when you know what you want and that you can get it, work out how happy you will still be without it. This encourages you to let go (i.e. not NEED it) and often this permits it to come to fruition.

The Dalai Lama calls it detachment, others call it letting go of the outcome. But it is an important step. Sometimes we hold on to things so tight that we think “without xxx I will be in pain” but the true secret lies in “with xxxx I will feel this, but without xxx I am still very happy”.

Amazing things happen when we let go and not worry about the outcome (a little bit different to how women are naturally wired but worth practising).

Q: What things can people utilise to find this projection into their future, and to enable them to heal hurts?

A: People can use reflection time (e.g. time out, exercise, green light activities, meditation, yoga) to clarify what they want and then to resonate with the feelings they believe it will deliver. When they fall into place, that is i the right course of action to take.

Q: What holds people back being able to utilise this skill/tool?

A: Clutter, lack of understanding that reflection allows calm so that you can identify what you need, time, denial, being to busy, scared to face feelings and pain

Q: What tools can people subscribe to if they want to give this aspect of healing, improving a go?

A: You can purchase Kate’s latest book (Healing Path) , you can purchase the Happy Female Formulae, You can attend seminars on personal development and do on-line courses. Try to surround yourself with people who already “get this”. Have practitioners, health advisors, counsellors etc who can teach you the power of improvement through unleashing your own true potential.

Kate on radio this morning.