How to balance your blood sugar levels so you can lose weight part 2

You should avoid activating lipogenesis (fat making) which is what the traditional previously promoted “ healthy pyramid” eating plan used to do. By raising the levels of glucose and insulin simultaneously one switches on a process in the body called lipogenesis (the making of fat). Eating protein with carbohydrates will keep insulin and glucagon in balance and help stop blood sugar swings. This is one of the easiest and main food strategies that I encourage and can lead to very quick improvements in your irritability and stress level!

The lower the GI, the slower the energy is released and the lesser is the effect on insulin. This makes them better for diabetics and people trying to lose weight.

You should aim to have your carbohydrates from the low GI lists

High blood sugar levels (and therefore insulin levels) can result in the following:



Difficulty concentrating



Fat production

My Golden Rule:

 Never eat carbohydrates solo, only

carbohydrate with a protein source.