Is food important on a retreat?

bali food

YES Food is critical for a great retreat.

Just as the word says “re-treat” yourself.

As children food was our number one… and now as we are older it still is!

I believe food is one of the most exciting ways to receive nourishment

Food that is grown naturally by a conscience farmer, who uses organic techniques, who loves your food, is the foundation for good nourishment. It buzzes with energy and life. 

I simply love food and (as an avid nutritionist and foodie) all the retreats will offer you new adventures with food.

Some raw, mostly organic, exciting use of herbs, inspiring colours, fresh, tasty food that will leave you feeling nourished and happy. Simply stunning dishes and experiences are a big part of these retreats. If you want the detox-deny-yourself retreat there are many on offer – but my retreats are not based on that . These retreats are about adding in and nourishing you and healhy EXCITING food is a big part of that.