The Monaco Yacht Show 2016

The Monaco Yacht Show is one of the best in the world.

It’s the only one I have been to out of the big ones. The biggies being: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, now Hong Kong, Cannes and Monaco.

The super yachts of the world, (apparently 75% are based in the mediterranean)  are in town.

This is my third show and I love attending to get inspiration for my paintings and drawings.

I also like to hangout out with FUN people and Monaco has a knack of drawing “lovers of life”.

It’s so much fun.

The boats are incredible. They are not just boats.

They are mini museums.

They are nautical genius.

They are STUNNING!

I love them, the scene, the people that go for it and Monaco.

I think my photos will tell a better story than my words.