What is the perfect working day for mums

Now that drinking sherry under the kitchen sink, backing muffins, popping on lippy and being catered for by a handsome slicked up man is an illusion/delusion for many of us, the question presents – what is the perfect day for a working mum?!

I have the science, the back ground to support all this stuff but just trust me – this is what you need to “work” towards and is the BOMB as far as being a working mum goes.

5:30 am           Loo break return to bed to listen to visualisation/meditation audio

5:35 am           Fall back to sleep

6:30 am           Summarise meditation in your head, set intent for the day (only 1-2 things)

6:35-6:36 am   Optional Activity –  Sleepy sex (burns at least 10-100 calories- your choice)

7:am               Get up, face happy “breakfast” hour at the zoo

8:am               Drop children to school/day care

8:30am            First coffee stop – with other mums, maybe a wink at a personal trainer, warming up for the day

9 am               Exercise – mix it up! High intensity: pump, PT, hills, cycling and Low intensity: SUP, yoga, body balance, swimming

10:30am          Head into work. Literally – head to work. No social media. Ban yourself 1030- 230pm. Oh and no need to overdo make up – you won’t be there long enough. You are beautiful enough without it.

2:30pm            Leave work. Short walk before collecting children, power juice, touch base with intent for the day. Praise the day and be grateful.

3 pm               Collect children – tell them vibrantly how much you have missed them, listen to their new bustling news (ie SWITCH OFF from WORK)

3-5:30pm        Mummsy stuff – driving kids to events, shopping, cooking, preparing dinner, washing, maybe visiting the local beach

5:30- 730pm    Happy Hour at the Zoo. The grind really – I would suggest using the slow cooker more, doing more BBQs at the beach/parks, getting your partner more involved with the cooking gig

7:30-8pm        The Clean UP. Just do it. Don’t think about it.

8pm               Children tucked away in bed, or set off to rooms, TVs, projects and your time to relax. Maybe some FB, maybe some chatting with friends, maybe more stretching   and connecting with your partner.

9-10pm           Bed time working mummy! No extra work after hours – no need. You are not saving the world, they can wait another day! And you need rest, love and connection.

Other considerations:

Tuesday night : Family meeting

Wednesday:  can and should be a day off for silly, interrupting stuff and a longer walk on the beach – just because we are better for it.

Friday : TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) drinks with the girls – someone’s house with kids catching up

Saturday/Sunday: An organic market to chat with farmers and other healthy people – they will keep you inspired.

Sunday morning: Sleep in, no plans until 10am

Sex: Aim for 7 times a week. I know… some of you will fall off your perch and not want to share this now. It’s like anti-biotics though. Aim for 4 times a day, and probably get half in. Sex is the same. Aim for 7 times a week and probably get 3-4 times in. And yes, working mums, this is a good thing. Not an extra thing. A necessary FUN (calorie) burning thing. Add it back.

And if all of that seems too hard, too surreal, return to the 50s and start downing some valium, washed down by cheap sherry from under the kitchen sink and bake.

Anne Taintor has some fun images – I used her for the cover of my menopause book

And if you are struggling to find other like minded souls to hang out with, check out Mums In Business – branching Australia wide

And if you have raging hormones check out my best seller Beauty and the Beast Within, the Hormone Changes Making Women Wild – it will help you feel normal and give you some answers.

Good luck and let me know how you go!

Sam x