Pokhara – Nature and Adventure

It had been 3 nights in the himalayan hills and I was covered with dirt. BIG amounts of dirt. NO shower for 3 days, working with soil and concrete,  sleeping in a tent and even experiencing my first earth quake! Fortunately only a 4.5 and no damage.

Fast forward an 8 hour very bumpy 4 WD trip into Pokhara and I feel like I have landed in an oasis.

Pokhara is a beautiful city boasting a beautiful lake called Phewa Lake.

Pokhara Temple tress

Temple Tree Pokhara

Checking in to the hotel Temple Tree, feels like a surreal dream and then I spot my bath in my room. Squeals of delight and I didn’t realise how much I was missing the luxuries of home…hot water, big fluffy bed and free wifi!

My appreciation for life’s luxuries sky rocket.

This town is pretty awesome. It oozes with natural beauty and is a hub for action & adventure. The Annapurna range can be seen first thing in the morning – they don’t go anywhere but a fog consumes them as the day goes on.

I am craving a day off though and spend Sunday checking out Devi’s Waterfalls and caves. Remarkable and worth a visit if you are in town.

After that, back to base, a few mo-mos to tie me over for a lazy lunch at Mike’s Restaurant which is on the lake. The food is awesome and it ticks a few boxes… great margaritas, views, good food and a chance to do some painting which I have been missing.

Mike's restaurant pokhara

Lakeside Pokhara – Mikes restaurant

Lakeside Pokhara – Mikes restaurant and doing some art

A late afternoon visit to Tal Barahi Temple, to make a blessing, then off to a bar lakeside for Sheisha and a Chillian sav blanc. The Busy Bee Cafe captures my attention and is a great meeting place for travellers. It’s here I learn about walking up to the Peace Pagoda and score a live band playing Cold Play Nepalese style.


Paragliding Pokhara

After a big sleep I fulfil an urge which is to parachute, but this time is paragliding. After a panic attack some 16 years ago, I have been too scared to do parachuting but this seemed safer – or something. Anyway we go, and it is a hoot. Everything you would expect gliding like a bird through the Himalayas.

Slightly motion sick at the bottom, I am determined not to let it mess my day.

I am determined to climb up to see the pagoda and hire a kayak (costs 800 rupee) for the afternoon. It’s very dodgy but somehow I don’t capsize and find my way to the other side!


Kayaking in Pokhara

The trek to the top doesn’t take 2-3 hours only 30 minutes up and another 30 mins back down. It’s a great walk and just what I needed. The pagoda is ok… it’s closed today but the views are worth going for.

Everything else is accessible from here – white water rafting, trekking, ultra light flying, jungle experiences and more. I love the lake side vibe, the diverse food and great bars and am definitely coming back again.

My friend runs a tour company in Kathmandu and can help you arrange your flights and adventures and is good to go through as he gets great rates. His name is Shree and this is his company.