PRESS RELEASE – childhood obesity

Yesterday a paper was published in the medical journal the Lancet about world wide obesity rates.

Unfortunately it showed Australians are gaining weight FASTER than any other nation and childhood obesity is now affecting one in four Aussie kids.

I have a few reasons why I think this is occurring (the usual suspects: computer games, sugar, processed foods, take aways etc) but the current model is defunct.

Currently in Australia, GPs and dieticians are managing weight issue.  Over the last 15 years child hood obesity rates have tripled and adult populations have doubled.

I want to see a more collaborative approach: Nutritionists giving classes at school, every school having an edible garden, cooking lessons at school to name a few.

Jo Rushton is an organic chef who is educating people on cooking and is author of the Rocket Fuel on a Budget. I am with the National Weight Loss Institute and we have amazing people involved with the grass roots issues.

If you would like to do an extended spread this weekend let me know. I have some amazing contacts that would really inspire this city at least, to take on childhood obesity, as it has now become a community issue.

Warm Regards Sam PS my mobile is 0405 669 135 and I am in clinic today, but if you text I will be answer or call