PRESS RELEASE Rabbit Radio – Skin Care Causing Ill Health

PRESS RELEASE – Skin care products can cause ill health!

This Wednesday on Hop Into Health, Local Naturopath and health promoter, Sam Beau Patrick, will interview Debbie Nolan skin and beauty expert (Door of Youth) on Synthetic versus Natural Cosmetics and skin care.

With many commercial skin and personal care hygiene products containing known poisons and toxic materials, and the rise in cancers world wide, many people are turning to more natural skin care ranges.

The one hour radio show will discuss why it is important (the skin is the largest organ of the body), why things are absorbed so easily and what things you need to watch out for.

Natural alternatives will be discussed as well as using foods on your face (eg coconut oil, olive oil and others)

The show:

Rabbit Radio

Time: Wed 10am – 11am

Contact: Sam Beau Patrick

M: 0405 669 135