L’osteria Campo De Fiori

I am wooed into the this restaurant perched on the corner of Piazza Campo De Fiori by Zac.

Located on the edge of Campo de Fiori there is plenty to watch and day dream at.

There are a steady stream of restaurant guests, coming, refuelling and marching back into the hustle and bustle of central Roma.

There is a really great vibe around these markets. They are more a tourist market but serving a lot of fresh food produce, flowers and wines.

The piazza is very typical of Roman courtyards. The action is in the middle, with a circumference of shops, typically cucinas and restaurants.

The cobble stoned pavement gives an uneven edge that reminds you with each step of the hundreds of years of people walking the same steps as you. I love it. Tactile and real.

I chose to sit for awhile, film the chefs out the back and paint.

The guys in the kitchen are awesome and treat me to the insider passions of an Italian restaurant.

Even better they make me a dish that isn’t on the menu.

It is a seafood extravaganza, including a whole fish which is served to my table sealed in foil.  The pasta, being central Roma, is amazing and melts in my mouth.

I have a wonderful couple of hours at this restaurant. The location is good, the pricing similar to anywhere else in central room and the seafood delicious.