Art in Bali

There is so much to visually feast on in Bali and the art scene is stimulating and exciting. I have  captured some market art, some street art and some artists.

Bali Street Art

Wandering through the streets of Bali, passing rice paddies, cows, children playing, men working, there is so much to see and take in but it would be a shame not to notice the street art. It is beautiful and far from “grafetti” in a vandolism sense.

It is beautiful, heart felt art.

Funky wall art at Lacalita

Funky wall art at Lacalita


I am not too sure if it the Balinese Hinduism that comes across so eloquently in the many signs, but all of them seem like little positive affirmation messages from the universe.

These are but a handful from this visit.

Bali street signs

Bali is predominantly Hindu and signs express their witty, poignant interpretation of a beautiful faith. I love keeping an eye out for signs.

Market Art

Fantastic art can be bought at the markets. BARGAIN

The many markets can offer some incredible art and are definitely worth a look if you are considering taking home a piece.


One of Harry’s panting – Mr Walker.

Bali is a creative hub and draws in world class artists. Some have their own galleries, others sell on-line and others sell into larger galleries.

I discovered Harry Holiday this trip around in Canguu (his exhibition room is at Deus). With many original funky pieces I found it really hard to settle on three to bring home. Priced really well, you can take home a print or an original lacquered treasure.

Harry Holiday working hard at Deus Canguu

Doors and Openings

What can I say? Only a trippy space cadet or architect would notice doors and arch ways and I DO!

Bali has an incredible array of door sizes, door ways, hinges, styles and arches. I am so fascinated with many that I photograph them. Some of them really capture my imagination and I drift off wondering what is behind the door… a fantasy world, a cloud, maybe it’s a door to another dimension. HA, you can see, I am a pixie and love doors. Here are a few from last visit.