Stop Flushing in 6 Weeks

Stop Menopause flushes in 6 weeks?

A woman typed on my youtube channel “you are mad” under a clip I made about my menopause journey.


I successfully managed my flushes in 6 weeks.

That was after I realised it wasn’t a virus. 

Menopause actually caught me off guard.

But for many others I talk with, or who respond to face book posts, it seems many are prepared to put up with years of this hideous events.

Sorry guys, if you are reading this, I can tell you that you will never know.

A flush…

A Menopause flush…

are something else.

I will try my best to recall and describe them…

Time seems to slow down and your mind goes like this…

“Oh crap I am burning up…> oh it’s awful (anxiety) …> I am flushing. 

My skin and body weight feels like it is crushing me!

How can I stop this instantly, I don’t like this feeling. It is making me anxious…”

Well that is how I would describe mine.

I hated them. Mostly the anxiety as I rarely have anxiety.

For those who are not sure who I am , I am a nutritionist, naturopath, menopause expert,

author of the book menopause and I guess you could say “survivor of menopause” although I prefer to call it “menopausal sexy woman”!


Despite the woman on Youtube telling me I am mad, I can tell you I am not!

I know a lot about menopause and how you can manage this time in your life naturally!


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Here are some hot tips to try :

Here are my hottest tips to stop flushing

  1. Drink herbal teas to stop flushes

There are many herbal teas that can assist with hormone balancing.

My favourite teas are sage and thyme. You can even grab a few leaves from the garden, crush them in your fingers, put them in your favourite cup and add boiling water.

There are many herbs that have hormone balancing benefits such as Rosemary, St Mary’s Thistle and Red Clover. Some taste a bit like grass or weeds, but see what you like and which ones help the most. You should know within a week of drinking 2-3 cups a day.


  1. Eat 2 cups of green leafy vegetables – every day.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, Asian greens and broccoli contain phytoestrogens which help your body balance hormones. These help your liver metabolise estrogen metabolites and alkalise your body.

When I make salads I include herbs such as coriander, parsley, dill, mint and try to use all the colours of the rainbow (eg: reds, oranges, yellows, greens, even purples)!

Herbs have phytoestrogen benefits, but they will also offer your body anti-oxidants and alkalising. They will help your liver detoxify and process the hormones and metabolites left over from foods, drinks and your body.

Eat lots (1-2 cups a day) and regularly. Juicing is OK but chewing is good for other reasons such as clearing your ear canals, and you receive all the fiber when you consume the vegetables, versus a juice which often has the fiber removed.

  1. Wear cotton and natural materials

Choose to wear natural fabrics for your clothing and your bed linen.

It sounds obvious but having natural fibers close to your skin that breath will help you cope better if a flush should arise. In the above picture I am wearing a bamboo t-shirt.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it needs to breathe, expire and inhale! Help it do its job so it can better regulate our temperature and also be used a detox organ. Bamboo, cotton and hemp are lovely natural materials.



  1. Engage in gentle restorative activities.

Yes relaxation, meditation and yoga all help balance hormones.

These down-shifted activities have a great impact on your body and help your hormone balance more than any other activity during menopause. Your body wants to top up on hormones, not have them drained away.

This is not a time for dragging tires over an oval, or running mammoth marathons if you are symptomatic. Go slowly and your body will balance quicker.

Relax, restore and replenish.

A brisk walk is enough for cardio and fat burning. Every day aim to walk for 45 minutes – preferably on a route you enjoy. Then add in 1-2 relaxation sessions or daily meditation.

You can also try swimming, stand up paddling, or maybe a boxing or PT session once a week. Try embracing the restorative activities and you will pass through menopause quicker.


  1. Avoid triggers.

Work out what triggers your symptoms.

These are a few of the common ones: fried food, alcohol, spices, chillis, red wine, coffee and sugar. If these are your triggers, cut them out. Try to be strong you will be rewarded.

Remember it’s about being empowering yourself to get through this time, decrease flushes, improve your sleep and help your body shed weight (if you need to). Take action. Empower yourself.


You can stop flushes in 6 weeks!

I know these tips work.

They worked for me and they will for you too.

If you need any other help please just reach out as I run menopause programs that help women with the transition quickly and easily.

Just email :