Which supplements should you always travel with?

Being a naturopath with a wellness clinic I get asked this a lot.

“What health supplements should I take away with me?”

Travel Supplements – which ones

These are my top three supplements to travel with:

  1. An immune booster

Long haul flights, confined spaces, dirty conditions, the fact many people don’t wash their hands – if you travel you will be exposed to bugs and viruses.

If you couple the extra exposure with a run down immune system which often happens when we travel (poor sleep, burning the candle at both ends, less nutrition than home) we are sitting ducks for infections.

I suggest taking either a strong vitamin C, something with zinc in it, or echinacea/andrographis/garlic/olive leaf complex to keep your immunity in tact.

2. A probiotic

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria you can swallow in a capsule or with fermented foods. They play an important role in protecting us through protecting our gut wall. They are like our own silent army.

Unfortunately our healthy bacteria get knocked around with long distance travel, stress, gut viruses (eg gastro) and many other things Taking a probiotic while you travel is good sense.

They should be kept in a fridge to keep the bacteria dormant, but if they warm  up that is ok, just make sure they are all finished within 60 days.

3. A good multivitamin

Even though most people find travel fun it is often far from relaxing. There are many reasons for that but the added stress of finding locations, foreign transport, long travel times etc takes a toll. Finding healthy food can also be a challenge when you are not a local. The sum affect is becoming tired and ill.

A multivitamin will make sure your body receives all necessary (and the extra) vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy.

There are other supplements that I suggest from time to time. I usual travel with the above plus a CoQ10 supplement and liver support.

CoQ10 is a very good anti-oxidant (cancer protection) and good for energy.

I like the liver support if I am partying and traveling to lots of locations. Our livers filter everything so it doesn’t hurt to give it some extra love from time to time.

I only use “practitioner only products” which you can order through me (just drop me an email) as they are stronger, usually greater cost efficiency  and have better quality control.