Why do we lose taste, smell and touch?

We nourished through our senses. This includes our taste, smell, vision, hearing, touch and intuition.

Losing connection with our senses is very common. WE become numb to them. MUTE and disconnected.

When this happens we act out of auto-pilot. Saying things automated. Not really understanding why and definitely with little accountability.

Happiness and no anxiety comes from being connected to our senses.

In order to be completely nourished all these senses require nurturing, a spring cleaning and renewed appreciation. In every day life we race around and literally forget to smell the roses. A big element of all retreats is to re-engage and re-ignite your senses. We will run through rice paddies with mud squishing between our toes, we will smell aromas that will warm your heart and see things we forget to “see” in concrete jungles. Things that makes us balanced and calm.

The Nourish Your Senses retreat is specifically designed to reignite your senses and to help you tap into the energy they can provide you with. But all retreats will feed your senses. Smell aromas that leave you feeling loved, see things that make you smile and hear the sound of harmony and relaxation. Our senses will be sparked back to life as you will leave the retreats more in-tune with your body.