The Yard Nobby's Beach

Watching this little alcove evolve over the years has been fascinating.

Only  high quality, substance businesses seem to open in this venue.

The Yard Cafe  is the same. Low key, high quality and a little bit different.

It has made it’s stamp mark on the cafe scene and soon, Friday TGIF drink will be on it’s list of successes.

I turn up looking for a filling breakfast that isn’t based on eggs and toast. Many places I have been eating at lately offer a breakfast menu 80% toast and eggs. This was much better.

A menu with multiple options to go non dairy or gluten free. Eggs on offer but not all they do.

Tuna nicoise at The Yard Nobby’s

I chose the tuna nicoise and it was perfect. A perfect way to kick start the day.

The coffee is good, the staff super friendly and the atmosphere cool and laid back. You can were thongs and sarong or dress it up a little at night. I like this place!