The 12 Healthy Days of Christmas – Day 9 – Stop Sugar

On the ninth day of Christmas we reduced SUGAR!

How cool is that?!

Sugar is the white poison that is now being understood for it’s incredible harm that it does in our bodies.

Sugar (glucose) is found in all carbohydrates (plant sourced foods) and many are shocked to hear the “healthy fruit” has loads of it.

Any plant source has sugar.

Eating sugar means the body has to release insulin and surges of this lead to weight gain.

If you are battling PCO , you need to reduce sugars (including fruit).

Long term insulin spikes lead to diabetes one of the fastest growing preventable diseases in the world.

Today why not trying to STOP Adding extra to things – for example don’t have sugar in your coffee or tea. See what unadulterated foods taste like without sugar.

If you keep doing this you will lose weight, have more energy and ultimately improve your health.

Sugar is being recognised as the silent killer in the new millenium and you can’t afford to keep drinking and eating it.

Say no to soft drinks, no to lollies, no to cakes.








meat causes cancer and hot dogs

cause cancer

Say yes to healthy foods, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.

Clean up your palette and only eat natural sugars occasionally.