The 12 Healthy Days of Christmas – Day 8 – Vitamin D

On the eighth day of Christmas we got into the SUN and boost your vitamin D!

Yes that’s right. Go outside and bathe yourself in the majestic sun that provides your body with vitamin D.

Vitamin D is produced when the sun’s UVB rays come into contact with our skin.

These are the sun rays that leave us with a shorter shadow than our height.

For example usually the middle of the day. Yes, they are the rays that can increase melanin production which is an issue for fair, red haired people (and negros). BUT for the rest of us we are safe and need this life saving sun exposure.

Vitamin D helps our body detect cancer in our cells, balances our hormones, boosts our immune system and stops osteoporosis. WE NEED VITAMIN D.

I have always maintained that if the sun was a BAD thing for people it would be out when we are asleep but mother nature has made it so we get regular exposure. Don’t avoid it and if you are concerned get an annual skin cancer check.

Spread the word so more can have a healthier 2016.