My 3 Powerful TIPS for Leaning Up and Losing Weight

Its the time of year when it is awesome to be out at the beach, walking in the morning or walking at night and feeling really comfortable in your skin. 

However for many people and unfortunately that number is going up, they are not going to get that sense of freedom.

Many people are battling a couple of kilos which have snuck on over winter that just aren’t going.

Some hard core statistics I found last night when preparing for my face book live (click here to see the recording)  are:

  • 2.4 Million Australians are obese and
  • 4.9 million are over weight.
  • In women, being over weight has doubled in the last 15 years.

Clearly we are not doing a few things right.

There are many contributing factors, here are some.

Factors that contribute to weight gain in younger women are (ref 1):

  • sitting more than 4.5 hours/day
  • eating take away food
  • restrictive eating practices

For mid-age women the risk factors were different (ref 1):

  • quitting smoking
  • hysterectomy
  • menopause
  • low levels of physical activity (under 150 minutes a week)
  • sitting longer than 4.5 hours a day
  • being over weight and having a high energy intake.

So while there are a few contributing factors, reversing it isn’t that hard. 

You just need the knowledge, the commitment and a program that makes you accountable to help you lose weight.

In fact the research I was reading last night that showed if you just lost 14 cals a day, you lose weight and return to normal.

The average lolly is 20 cals. So just one less lolly a day, or an extra walk a day will cover it.

It’s the daily little things that make the big difference long term with weight.

I want to give you 3 hot tips that you can start NOW to help lose weight.

NB: For those that need and want extra accountability I do have a program that is only available for the next few days and lead up to Christmas.

The face book live on this is on my page here.

My 3 HOT Tips for Losing Weight

  1. Exercise more often.

When we exercise the receptor site on our cells that let glucose in, are opened. It lasts for about 30-40 minutes after exercise. This helps your body incredibly to balance hormones and maintain weight.

Instead of trying to do big chunks of exercise, try to do more regularly shorter bursts. Walking is fine.

Keep your sneckers at your front door and go when ever you can!

Try to exercise more frequently than you are now.

If you are doing 45 minutes 4 times a week, increase to 40 minutes seven days a week, or if you are doing none, start with 2 x 10 minutes walking a day.

Walking also clears your head, boosts your self esteem and boosts your metabolism. Lots of benefits!


2. Ditch nutrient poor foods

Foods are either improving and nourishing your body or sapping your body and poisoning it.

The types of food I am referring to are generally white foods, including white chocolate!

White rice, white pasta, white bread, milk are mostly nutrient POOR. 

These foods really don’t benefit your body, are non essential and are high in calories.

Stop having them today.


3. Eat as if you are “in-love”.

I’ve just returned from Europe where I wanted to make sure people were eating REAL food and still in love with food. And fortunately wherever I went in Europe I discovered just that!

People love healthy foods, eat when they are happy, are very social around food and exercise a lot. Interestingly I didn’t see many overweight people. Well it wasn’t as obvious as back here in Australia.

The science behind eating as if you are “in-love” is for a hormone balancing reason.

When we are in love we release a very powerful hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin decreases testosterone, cortisol which will impact on insulin levels.

This helps us not make fat when we eat.

Eating as if we are in-love, also permits our parasympathetic system to switch on. This is the state our body should be in when we eat and digest.

The correct stomach acids are bubbling around and we can absorb what we need from the foods.

It also helps our appetite centre switch off.

So try connecting with your food through preparing it with love, fun, and socially. Prepare as many lunches for work as you can.

Fall in love with your food.

Try to have a love affair with food.


These are my three top tips.

You may not have heard of them before.

Get more active, prepare meals and see opportunities to improve your relationship with your weight and health.

If you require more hand holding, and many of you will, I have a program just for you.

We have 10 weeks until Christmas and we can do a lot in that time.

I am offering a special at the moment and it will only be available until midnight Wednesday 19th October.

It is for people who are ready and want to work closely with me and want to make changes around dieting and weight that will last a lifetime. 

The program includes:

  • 6 x sessions with Sam Beau Patrick spread over 8 weeks
  • 8 weeks of eating plans
  • Daily recipes
  • A copy of Sam’s best seller, Beauty and the Beast Within
  • Full access to her face book support group
  • Unlimited emails

Your private sessions are important for accountability. I am a trained nutritionist but also a life coach.

Depending on your week, your needs and any obstacles, you will work together each week to bust through them. You set the pace and Sam will guide you, motivate you and help with the mental blocks to making this successful.

The eating plans that come with this program are all gluten and dairy free but are EASY!

They are designed for busy people but not to short cut the importance of good nutrition and food. I am a massive fan of food and want you to love and trust food. In fact I don’t want you to feel like you are dieting. I want you to feel like it is easy, that this is a life style change you and the whole family can do for every.

Restaurant ideas so you feel you can participate and not miss out – especially important around this social time of year.

The bottom line is you will be working CLOSELY with me for 2 months.

This is for people who are “there” and ready to make the change. Enough is enough. No more yo-yo.

With my close support I have every confidence in you.

It’s the daily commitment to little changes that will make the BIG difference. Let’s start and make this happen.


Sign up, pay in full $999, and receive a FREE hormone test (normally $220)

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Otherwise the program is just $99 per week for 10 weeks.

To read more about my accelerated weight loss program 2016-christmas-program


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Let’s work together and help you make the changes you need so you can feel amazing around food, and look sensational regardless of what you are wearing.

Ref:  Report on Obesity in Australia